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AI Security Solutions

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Firearm & Weapon Detection

Turns your existing IP camera into a smart weapons detecting camera, recognising, identifying and confirming the brandished weapon within seconds before safely sending silent critical notification alerts all without the offenders knowledge.


Intruder, Loitering, People Flow, Slip & Fall 

Detects people while avoiding other common false alarms for movement like machinery, vehicles, animals, wind, trees. Ideal for security perimeter protection providing early warning alerts of a potential Burglary. Also suitable for protecting manned or unmanned sites, construction sites, building sites etc where unwanted or unlawful entry by unknown persons/trespassers/loiterers/thieves is paramount.

Count and track foot traffic surfacing key trends and occupancy levels. Identify crowds and loiterers in real time tracking patterns over time. Detect and flag possible slip and fall incidents in real time, tagging video for review by onsite staff.


Active Shooter Response

Constantly analyses each security camera frame for possible weapon threats and intruders. We trained our software algorithm to identify what is a gun and what is not.


Instant Notification

When the software detects a presented weapon or intruder, it issues an immediate silent video alert to designated personnel, security control room, security staff, first responders of the unfolding incident with the exact location, firearm type, description of offender(s) in real time safely and discreetly.

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Real-time Tracking

Real-time alerts continue to track moving threats, enabling the organisation respond to the threat until the incident is resolved.

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