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AI Security Solutions

Firearm & Weapon Detection

Turns your existing IP camera into a smart weapons detecting camera, recognising, identifying and confirming the brandished weapon within seconds before safely sending silent critical notification alerts all without the offenders knowledge.

Highlight cameras where individuals are brandishing objects in a threatening manner, even if they are not obviously weapons.


Intruder, Mask, Loitering, People Flow, Slip & Fall 

Gun Detection: Identifies brandished weapons in real time, enabling security and law enforcement to swiftly and intelligently respond, providing them with video description, weaponry and direction of individual(s) travel for tactical response.

Intruder Detection: Instantly detects unauthorized people and vehicles, resulting in deterring criminal activity or apprehending those targeting a business or property.

Loitering Detection: Detects when people or vehicles remain within a zone for a specified period of time.

Mask Detection: Identifies when people have their faces covered.

People Flow Mapping & Counting: Counts number of people in a space at any given time; and shows the flow of people through a premises with floor plan heat maps.

Crowd Detection: Identifies the formation of large gatherings of people.

Slip & Fall Detection: Identifies and alerts for incidents where a person has fallen on the ground, so help can be rendered, and the area can be made safe.


Active Shooter Response

Constantly analyses each security camera frame for possible weapon threats and intruders. We trained our software algorithm to identify what is a gun and what is not.


Instant Notification

When the software detects a presented weapon or intruder, it issues an immediate silent video alert to designated personnel, security control room, security staff, first responders of the unfolding incident with the exact location, firearm type, description of offender(s) in real time safely and discreetly. Intruder & Burglar Detection, receive early warning video messages direct to your cell phone.

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Real-time Tracking

Real-time alerts continue to track moving threats, enabling the organisation, first responders and law enforcement to respond to the unfolding threat. The most difficult and dangerous threat to contain is the threat posed by a mobile armed offender.

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